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5 Rainy Day Activities for Seniors

No one enjoys being stuck inside on a rainy day, including your aging family member. It can be boring and make a person feel a little stir crazy. But, for seniors with arthritis that feels worse in the rain, going outside when the weather is wet can be uncomfortable and even painful. The best way to defeat a soggy day is to look for ways to stay busy inside, where it’s warm and dry. If you’re looking for ideas to help an older adult stay busy inside, here are five rainy day activities for seniors.


Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Rainy Day Activities

Elder Care in Fairfax VA: Rainy Day Activities


#1 Break Out a Board Game

Board games are an excellent way to pass the time. Pull out old classics like Monopoly, checkers, chess, Yahtzee, or Parchisi. Most people know how to play them, so anyone who is with the senior can join in, including their elderly care provider. In addition to busting boredom, research has also indicated that older adults who play games have a 15% less chance of developing dementia.


#2 Crack Open a Good Book

Reading a book is a good way to relax and keep the brain active at the same time. A study conducted at the University of Sussex indicated that reading reduces stress levels by 68 percent. If the senior has trouble reading because of vision problems, an elderly care provider can read to them.


#3 Make Something

Crafts give older adults a creative outlet and keep their fingers busy. Anyone can craft, you just have to find what piques the senior’s interest. Try upcycling household items, such as turning an old container into a decorative vase or coin bank. Elderly care providers can help seniors with crafts by assisting them to gather supplies. They can also do parts of the craft that are difficult for the senior, such as threading a needle or manipulating small pieces.


#4 Watch a Movie

Pop in a good DVD or choose a movie from a streaming service. Then, make a healthy snack and let the older adult sit back and enjoy the show. An elderly care provider can prepare the snack and help set up the movie.


#5 Catch Up with Friends and Family

A rainy day is a good opportunity for the senior to spend some time catching up with the people they love. They can send emails, write letters or cards, or make phone calls. Elderly care providers can help those with low vision by typing or writing for the senior.


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Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner

RN, Founder, Owner at Quality Health Services LLC
Ivo Ngosong is a Registered Nurse in Maryland.He started a career in health care as a nursing assistant working in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers. He has accumulated over seventeen years of experience working with seniors, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

In the course of his career he has obtained different instructor certifications and trains people on how to save lives using American Heart Association guidelines for Basic Life support, First Aide and Advance Cardiac Life Support. He has been an advocate for caregiver training and have obtained Train-the-Trainer certifications which have enabled him to train caregivers to help seniors, along with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, function well at home and in their communities.

Ivo is grounded in the belief that people do better in their familiar environment. He started Quality Health Services, LLC in 2010 to provide the highest quality of “In-Home” care with compassion and diligence. Also, by promoting and supporting every client’s optimum level of independence, quality of life and well-being while preserving their dignity.

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Ivo Ngosong, RN, Owner