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Depression – It’s Not a Mental Condition You Should Ignore or Hide

According to Mental Health America, over two million men and women over the age of 65 suffer from depression. Of those who talk to a doctor about mental health issues, approximately three percent actually get to see a mental health professional. Most are treated by primary care doctors.


Home Care in Falls Church VA: Depression & Your Senior

Home Care in Falls Church VA: Depression & Your Senior


Depression is treatable.

It can be helped with therapy, medications, or a mix of both. Left untreated, depression may make it hard to function and can lead to suicidal thoughts. Don’t let this happen to your mom or dad. Don’t ignore the signs of depression.


What Are the Signs of Depression?

More than 6 out of 10 men and women over the age of 65 admit they don’t know much about depression. Some of the key signs are a change in appetite, sleeping pattern changes, and a constant feeling of sadness.


Someone who is depressed may withdraw from friends and family.

Refusing to get out of bed is common. A senior citizen with depression may be restless and irritable. It can be hard to concentrate. Often, the senior will feel worthless and even feel physical pain for which doctors can find no reason for that pain.

Feeling blue once in a while is normal. If the sadness lasts for weeks and weeks, it could be depression. If you suspect something is wrong, call your mom or dad’s doctor to ask for advice.


Caregivers Can Help Ease Depression

One of the things an expert in depression may suggest is to make sure your mom or dad gets out of the house often. Your parent will benefit from finding a new hobby, daily exercise, and plenty of socialization. This can be hard to get at home when you live alone and no longer drive.

With a caregiver available throughout the week, your mom or dad has a ride to the local senior center for social activities. There’s a caregiver on hand for companionship. Your parent can go on walks with the caregiver and feel safe while walking down the street or along a trail or path.

Diet also helps ease depression.

Fresh vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can help balance the brain chemicals. Elder care services include things like meal preparation, grocery shopping, and even menu planning.

Talk to an elder care agency today to get started. You arrange the services and times that best meet your parent’s needs. Involve your parent from the start and help them avoid fears of losing independence by asking for help. Call now.

If you or a loved-one are considering Home Care in Falls Church, VA, please contact the caring staff at Quality Health Services LLC.  Call today 703-910-7081


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